Stanley Cup Finals 2019 Dates, Live stream, TV channel info

The Stanley Cup playoff features a total of 16 teams, with eight qualifiers from each of the two league conferences. The top three teams from each group automatically qualify, plus two wild cards from each meeting. The Stanley Cup playoff displays three rounds of conference matches before the Final game. Each series from start to finish is the best of seven games. As such, participants need to win 16 postseason events to win the Stanley trophy. The NHL regular season match will end on April 6, and the final usually begin a few days later. The official schedule has not released yet, but the playoffs tend to run from the beginning to mid-April to mid-to-late June.

stanley cup finals 2019 live stream

The Stanley Cup is one of the crucial ice hockey events, but so is the playoff match that leads to it. Also known as the NHL playoff, the game was played between eight teams from each of the two conferences. Teams can qualify for the playoffs based on regular season total points so that those in the top positions can compete. Broadcasting rights for the NHL Playoffs are the same as broadcasting rights in the regular season. You will be able to watch playoffs through television channels on NBCSN, NBC, CNBC, USA, and NHL Networks. NBCSN will broadcast the All-Star Game, the second and third playoff matches of the Stanley Cup Final. The NBC channel has aired rights for Black Friday matches, New Year’s Day, the end of the Sunday afternoon season, plus weekend afternoon and playoff matches on Saturday nights. The first and fourth Stanley Cup finals, from a total of seven games, will be broadcast on the same channel. As for the NHL channel, they usually broadcast matches held on Wednesday, Friday, and occasionally on Sundays. Also, CBC and the US will also air the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Today, watching TV online is easier than before. Several platforms provide Online TV channels for viewers at home. If you have a compatible device and an Internet connection, you can watch content wherever you go. By using streaming services, you can access the live broadcasts of the TV channels you want to watch. Here are some platforms that provide NHL Playoffs streaming services online.


This service allows users to access NBCSN, NBC, CNBC, and USA channels at Fubo and Fubo Extra. Except for NHL networks because they are not on the list. You can use various facilities by subscribing to fuboTV. There are four subscription packages offered:

  • Fubo ($ 44.99 / month, $ 39.99 for the first month)
  • Fubo Extra ($ 49.99 / month, $ 44.99 for the first month)
  • Fubo Latino ($ 17.99 / month)
  • Fubo Portugues ($ 19.99 / month)
    Besides, there are still many channel packages and other premium networks.

Sling TV

The next platform is Sling TV. You start by choosing one of the three subscription packages available

  • Orange ($ 25 / month)
    -Blue ($ 25 / month)
    -Orange + Blue ($ 40 / month).
    You can also add more channels by choosing packages that you like or through premium networks.


The other best platform is Hulu. Hulu is a platform that is famous for video requests. Besides, this service also offers direct TV packages at the cost of $ 39.99 per month and includes access to a lot of channels and a complete VOD library. You can customize the service by adding additional channel packages and premium networks.

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