Who’s the Favorite to Advance to Stanley Cup Finals?

There have been such dynamic playoffs in the road to Stanley Cup Finals. It is not exaggerating that the festivity has been exciting so far. So, is there a new favorite to win it? Who’s the love to advance to Stanley Cup Finals? Or even better, who will win the Stanley Cup Finals?

Favorite to Advance to Stanley Cup Finals

It is not so far away from the finals, but we are still in the middle of the way. By now, the playoffs have been running out of the expectations of many people. For the first time in NHL history, we witnessed all four wild cards in the second rounds. Meanwhile, some of the best teams have been wiped by the wild cards.

Many experts claimed that none of their original picks could advance to the next round. Not a single of them! If you think that you are alone, then you are wrong. You are like so many out there.

Sharks have been struggling with Blues in the western conference. Meanwhile, in the east, the Bruins must take on Hurricanes, the terrifying wild card. There are four teams left in the equation. Who will escape and who won’t?

Despite the different opinions, we could see that more people have faith in Boston Bruins. First things first, let’s appraise Tuukka Rask who is one of the best hockey players in this timeline. Not to mention that several names can be terrifying for their opponents: Charlie Coyle and Marcus Johansson.

And we can rest assured that Rask was playing great. And, he will be playing much better when the finals are on the corner. Regardless of how mighty the Boston Bruins are, all of the teams are incredible. All of them have influential people in the first line.

So, let’s not to hope too high that Bruins could easily take on their opponents. Remember when we said that everyone made a wrong pick back then? The world is round. Everything can happen beyond our predictions and expectations.

Sharks could be the second guess. Well, it is evident since only Sharks and Bruins who have scored 100 points in the regular season. In many cases, the experienced teams are always holding the key to success. But our tendency is to Bruins who will win. So, you might want to pick Sharks or vice versa.

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